Don't Call Me Christian

A Truly Jewish Story


Don’t Call Me Christian

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Paul Liberman believed in Destiny. He believed he had a Destiny. But what was behind Destiny? What made it work? Paul was obsessed with finding out. “I am certain there is more to life than can be seen.

The Liberman family arrived in New York from Minsk, Belarus in 1906. Paul's grandfather, Bernard, was 12. The Libermans derived from a European world that for centuries consisted of two populations – Christians and Jews. Living side by side, but frequently in conflict, the line between the two groups was distinct – observed by all and frequently legally enforced.

In 1918, Bernard founded the Liberman electrical supply company on the Southside of Chicago. Paul grew up working in the family business, but he sought more. Politics provided Paul's way of escape and led him to Washington, DC where he routinely interacted with Senators and Congressmen. He even found himself in the White House for meetings. However, nothing in Washington satisfied or provided answers for his deepest longing. “How does destiny work? Who or what is behind it.” This is the story of how one Jew found his answer.

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